Dr Blum Clinic
Word's No.1 Mechanotherapy and Regenerative Rehabilitation Clinic
Permanent Health Through
Biomechanical Integrity
Conditions: Cerebral Palsy, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Multiple sclerosis, Spinal muscular atrophy, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Myopathy Scoliosis Objective of our treatment is full restoration of body geometry, elimination of pathological alignments, curvatures and displacements, and elimination of strength and range of motion asymmetries.
Complex Neuromuscular and Skeletal Disorders
Our step-by-step approach involves: Step 1 Reinstating of anatomical and biomechanical integrity of the spine Step 2 Reinstating of neurological integrity of spinal cord Step 3 Eliminating secondary muscle paralysis, contractures, atrophy and spasticity Step 4 Learning to walk again
Rehabilitation after Spinal Cord Injuries
Strengthening and energizing of connective tissues Improving musculoskeletal flexibility and viscoelastic properties of connective tissues Elimination of secondary biomechanical abnormalities Restoration of functional integrity and alignment of joints and periarticular tissues Strengthening of weak or traumatized tissues
Complex Joint and Connective Tissue Disorders
Conditions: Peripheral Artery Disease, Aneurysms, Renal artery disease, Raynaud's Syndrome, Buerger's Disease, Varicose Veins, Blood Clotting, Lymphedema Releasing blood vessels from compression Restoration from pathological torsion Restoration of muscle pump function and venous hemodynamics.
Rehabilitation of Circulatory Disorders of Arteries and Veins
Elimination of traumatic zones and weak musculoskeletal links Elimination of the effects of previously untreated and/or undertreated injuries Tissue detox Elimination of professional muscular asymmetries of strength and range of motion
Elite Athlete Physical Rehabilitation
Objective of Pre-Op Rehabilitation is to minimize the invasiveness of future surgery and provide for fastest post-surgery and recovery. Post-op Rehabilitation ensures removal of post-operative adhesions and scarring, normalize blood circulation and lymphatic drainage from affected tissues.
Pre and Post Op Rehabilitation
I treat diseases without drugs.
I heal as Nature heals - in accordance with Nature's laws of biomechanics.
I use hundreds of specialized custom built biomechanical devices tailored to each patient
and his individual rehabilitation program, exercising the whole body or its parts, promoting perfect biomechanical integrity. Perfect biomechanics means perfect circulation. Perfect circulation means complete metabolic combustion. Complete combustion or oxidation of the waste matter of the body means fast tissue regeneration, healing and perfect health, and what is still more significant, immunity from the disease.
My success is due to my knowledge of Anatomy,
Physiology and Health Principles. I have cured thousands of people. I can cure you.
I personally oversee each patient of my clinic, no matter how simple or complex the issue.


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Dr. Blum clinic

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