"My medicines are scientific combination of exercises performed on special built biomechanical devices.
I compel the body TO DO ITS OWN HEALING. My method is a complete system, tabulated, verified and exact, to eliminate the diseased condition.”
How does the body heal?
The body converts precise mechanical loading into cellular responses which, in turn, promote structural changes of affected tissues. Mechanotransduction is the physiologic process where cells sense and respond to mechanical loads as opposed to biochemical stimuli. Such precise therapeutic loading of affected parts of the body stimulates repair and remodeling in muscle tissues, connective tissues, organ tissues, veins and arteries, tendons, cartilages and bones.
Science behind our methods
The current focus of medicine on molecular genetic often ignores the physical basis of disease even though many of the problems that lead to pain and morbidity, and bring patients to the doctor’s office, result from changes in structure or biomechanics.
Here at the Dr Blum clinic we build on this understanding. We’ve been mastering our unique equipment and methodologies for over 30 years to bring effective non-operative and non-pharmaceutical solutions to a range of medical conditions. In fact, for decades we have been collecting empirical data on various diseases and their response to controlled eccentric biomechanical loading using our unique equipment. To better understand the science behind our methodology please review the following resources:


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